It’s that time of the year again!

It’s that time of the year again! As the cooler weather has started to dawn upon us and whilst most dogs relish the opportunity to roll in mud and puddles when the cool weather blows in, the Winter chill can be a bit harder for the Oldies of the family (aged over 7)! At this age, cold and wet weather can make things a little uncomfortable, as older dogs tend to have a harder time keeping themselves warm and age related conditions such as arthritis can flare up. Elderly dogs are most likely to feel winter and suffer much worse during cold months than most young spritely dogs, but there are a few easy measures that can be taken to keep the older members of your family ageing gracefully and happily!


Just because it’s winter does not mean your dog should be cooped up inside all day! This can be detrimental for their joints and muscles, their weight, and their Mental Health. Because of the cold weather, you’ll want to minimise the time spent outside, but a short half an hour walk is enough to get their joints moving and helps maintain muscle mass and prevents your old mate’s from getting stiff and sore, plus it’s awesome reason for you to get some fresh air!


Comfort in winter is very important. Elderly dogs become more frail and susceptible in colder temperatures, so it’s essential that they have a warm, easily accessible bed available. Their bed should be soft to help protect their joints and bones. Raised dog beds which are not too high to jump onto also help with support and keeping your dog off the cold floor. Check out what bedding and rug range we have here.


Not many dog owners realise how import a dogs diet really is and how much it can affect their elderly dogs well-being. It is important for elderly dogs particularly to have access to a diet which is high in glucosamine and chondroitin which is excellent for joint health and also high levels of fatty oils from proteins in a good diet is great for healthy skin and coat. Here is some excellent food choices specifically for mature dogs.

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